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Robert M. wrote on 12/14/2016 I just wanted to say thank you for an outstanding timepiece. I am a retired police sergeant of 33 years. I was a department diver among other things. During my initial training I purchased one of your divers watches the Sea Pearl 600. I had used that watch in all conditions from dirty muddy water to dives under the ice. I have had this watch for well over 40 plus years and it runs like the day I bought it. I still wear it as a day to day watch. Again thank you.

Brad B. wrote on 9/28/2013 "I recently purchased a US Marine Corps Seapearl watch from Ingrassia and sons in NY. The watch is the best quality I have ever seen in a watch. Thanks for the attention to detail. There's not a blemish, or any imperfection that I could find. I will certainly never buy any other watch ever again and I will recommend Belair to all my friends and family. Go Belair."

Kyle J. wrote on 4/27/2012 "My Belair was in my car as a tornado passed through my neighborhood last Sunday in Woodward, OK. The car was flipped and windows shattered as gas and oil poured back into the vehicle. I found my belair in the wreckage, covered in glass and debris still ticking away. I sell these watches at Mead Jewelers and will continue to sell this quality timepiece. A big thanks from NW Oklahoma!"