Complex &
Multi-Color Logos

Logos which cannot be printed between the 12 and the center, or involve more than one color, are considered complex imprints. We can print up to seven colors on a watch dial to create a stunning image. Our art department will assist you in the design and proper sizing of your logo, and provide you with a full color computer illustration for approval.

This type of imprinting is more intricate: the watch must be disassembled, the dial is removed for imprinting, then the watch is re-assembled and re-water tested. This imprint is not recommended for jewelers who would like to create a private brand, a Standard One Color Private Label Imprint is quicker and more economical.

Complex Imprints

You can create a stunning specialty watch with just one color.

Multi-Color Imprints.

We can print up to seven colors on a dial. Shades of the same color are considered separate colors. We cannot print gradients or screens, only solid colors.


When selecting a model from within the catalog, take into consideration your logo and the available area for printing. Generally we can imprint anywhere in the blank area within the center of the dial. Markers or numbers, as well as any imprinting below the center, cannot be removed.

Shades of the same color are considered separate colors and require a separate die to create.

If you would like your logo printed on both a mens and ladies model, we suggest you have two sets of dies made so that the imprint best fits each individual dial.