The Prestige of
Private Label

Enhance the image of your store by offering your own personalized collection of watches. Each watch will arrive with your store logo or brand printed on the dial, and will be elegantly packaged. The need to discount is eliminated, and your customers will receive a much greater value for their dollar in comparison to similar branded merchandise. Most significantly, you will be able to maintain a reasonable profit margin, keeping your business healthy and successful.

Your satisfied customers will remember your store name every time they look at their watch. Additionally, your new watch collection will be exclusively yours. There will be no internet competition, no price shopping, and your customer will receive a watch of incredible quality and value, with a considerable margin for you.

Is it affordable?

ABSOLUTELY! There is only a small initial, one-time die charge for a special combination die set, which includes both gents and ladies size dies. The dies are used to print your store logo or brand onto the watch dial. Then for every watch order you place, Private Label printing is totally free of charge with a minimum purchase amount. Orders that fall under the minimum will be charged a nominal imprint setup fee.

How do I get started?

There is no major commitment required. Just select the timepieces you would like your brand name on, choose your imprint styling or send us your business card and we can help you to design a logo, and you're on your way! Our art department will assist you in the design and proper sizing of your logo, and provide you with a digital illustration for approval.

Belair offers Private Label to Jewelers who would like to create their own personalized line of watches. If your company or organization would like a specific design printed on a watch dial, please see our Custom Dials section for more info.